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Infants & Children


All of our coaches have the facility for children to travel in the comfort of their own car seat. The majority of our coaches are equipped with ISOFIX fittings for the safe carriage of children travelling whilst remaining in their own compatible car seat.


As these seats are limited in number the facility must be reserved at the time of booking. It is then subject to availability and completion of a booking form which will be sent out to you. They are however only available for use provided the following rules (law) regarding the use of car seats and the Company's Terms & Conditions set out below are adhered to. To book an ISOFIX seat, you will need to call our reservations team as early as possible. Our friendly team will be happy to help with any questions and requirements you may have.



What is ISOFIX?



ISOFIX is a standardised fitting system for child car seats, which enables them to be securely fixed to a standard car seat without the need of a seatbelt. Two attachment points at the bottom of the car seat can be secured to ISOFIX fitting points on a full size seat, creating a secure connection. A support leg or top tether is also used to prevent the chair tipping forward. Most of our executive coaches have several seats equipped with the ISOFIX secure points, meaning your child can safely travel in their own seat on the coach.



Children & Infants Under 3 Years Of Age (on date of travel)


Children may be carried providing that they travel seated in a child car seat. This allows the seat to be safely fixed to the coach seat with the ISOFIX fittings or three-point seatbelt identical to those fitted in a car. Infants less than 9kg (19.84lbs) in weight at the date of travel are not permitted by law to travel in a forward facing child car seat of any description. In view of this we will only carry infants 9kg and under if a disclaimer form is completed and signed by the infant's parent or guardian, or a rear facing seat with an ISOFIX compatible base/stand is used.


Children under the age of 3 years at the time of travel who do not have a compatible car seat can travel on their parent/guardian's lap, only on receipt of a disclaimer form being completed and signed by the parent/guardian; this is done completely at their own risk. Parents are to remain seated with the seatbelt fastened only to themselves, NOT around the child.



Children Between 3 & 12 Years Of Age Under 135cm (4'5") Tall (on date of travel)


Child car seats or booster seats are compulsory for children who fall within this category. If a booster seat is used this must be used in conjunction with the 3-point seat belt fitted to the coach seat.



Children Between 12 & 14+ Years Of Age Over 135cm (4'5") Tall (on date of travel)


The seat belt fitted to the coach must be worn. Children over the age of 14 are classed as adult passengers.


NOTE - All child car seats/booster seats used on the coach must be provided by the parent/guardian of the infant/child. These must be taken off the coach on arrival at the Port and taken on board the ship during the duration of your cruise.

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